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breaking into comics the marvel way! #2

comic book
stories & illustrations : various
publication : march 24th 2010
editor : Marvel

more informations:

writers : Frank Tieri, Kevin Grevioux, Simon Spurrier, Mike Carey, Peter David, Jonathan Hickman

pencillers : Stephen Thompson, Tommasso Bennato, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Jon Ennis, Koi Turnbul

cover : Lost Fish


glass cinder & thorns

group art exhibition curated by April Segedi
323east - royal oak / usa
2010 march 20th to april 15th

Audrey Pongracz, Jessica Dalva, LostFish, Maria Finna, Lisa Petrucci, Rudy Fig, Sandi Calistro, Jaclyn Schanes, Nicole Cummings, Kelly Vivanco, Hidden Eloise, Edith Lebeau, Bee Harris, Jessamyn Patterson, Liza Corbett, Charmaine Olivia, Jeannie Paske, Tina Tourikis & More...

As children our parents would read to us bedtimes stories of little mermaids, sleeping beauties, and little red riding hoods. These innocent stories often had evil lurking beneath the pages. What Disney failed to tell you is that, the mermaid dies, multiple suitors defiled sleeping beauty and the wolf ate grandma.
There are a lot of horrible things in our reality today and we all sometimes wish for a place or time where things are simpler and better. We find ourselves wanting the warmth of our childhood beds, the calming voice of our parents sending us of to sleep with our favorite story. Yet even in fairylands of beauty and glitter, evil things creep about in false glamour’s, such as the evil witch living in the gingerbread house or a beautiful sea nymph singing you into your watery grave.