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my doll

group art exhibition curated by June Leeloo
toast gallery - paris / france
2009 april 18th to may 13th

Aline Ivars, Anna Merli, Anna Ziliz, Carles Gomila, Cathy Delanssay, Charles Champeau, Chiba Love, Comoseta, Driian, Erik Jones, Fred Calmets, Japi honoo, Jason Levesque, Jeremiah Ketner, Juan, June Leeloo, Juriu, Kendra Binney, Kmye Chan, Lilidoll, Liza Corbett, Lostfish, Mary loup, Matteo de Longis, Maya Mihindou, Misstigri, Mllzfannib, Moon, Nicoz, Oco, Odora, Ores, Rudy Fig, Ryan Myers, Valy B, Zoe lacchei

More than 30 international artists show there vision of the "doll woman".

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