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THE MOVIE SHOW - daniel maghen gallery - paris - from 6.27.2013 + archives


pray for japan

group art exhibition curated by Sweet Streets and JapanLA
JapanLA - los angeles / usa
2011 march 19th to april 4th

Acrylicana, Anneli Olander, Ayami Kawashima, Colin Christian, Dan Goodsell, Dan May, Eimi, Fawn Fruits, Harmony Gong, Hiroshi Mori, Jenny Rae (Lil Rae Cakes), Julie West, JUURI, Kayo Tamaishi, Krook Martinez, Leticia Lacy, Lisa Alisa, Lostfish, Luke Chueh, Marrontic, Messy Pink, Mia, MILKBBI, Misha, Mizna Wada, Nana Aoyama, NICO, Onch Movement, Ogawa Keiko, Ra'yka, Sayaka Iwashimizu, Shinjuko, Stephanie Inagaki, TAMMY, Yoskay Yamamoto, Yuki Takahashi, Andrea Kang, Camilla d'Errico, Crowded Teeth, Dave Stolte, Irene Yuen, Crazy Spork I Am, Jupey, Kanzilue, Maria Rozalia Finna, Martin Hsu, Mia, Midori Sushicat, Misha, Miss Kika, Nathan Jurevicius, Paola Fanucchi, Sas Christian, Tansy Myer, TOKIDOKI, Veronica Fish, and more

SWEET STREETS is hosting a "#PrayForJapan" Art Fundraiser in response to the recent Tohoku Kanto earthquake in Japan. 100% of art sales will be donated to the American Red Cross relief efforts in Japan. An opening reception will be held on Saturday March 19, 2011 from 7pm-10pm. Artwork will be available to purchase online at

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