art exhibitions



group art exhibition curated by Giovanni Cervi
temporary love - rome / italy
2009 june 11th to july 6th

Aurelien Police, Giuliano Sale, Kokomoo, Lostfish, Chris Von Steiner, Comoseta, Mimi S (Courtesy of Strychnin Gallery), Angie Mason (Courtesy of Strychnin Gallery), Zoe Lacchei, Francesco Viscuso, Fernenda Veron, Alessia Cocca, Stella Tasca, Effe:Logo, Francesco D'Isa, Japi Honoo, Anonymous Art, Edoardo Belinci, Oto, Angel De Franganillo, Pierpaolo Perilli, Andreco, Michelangelo Arista, Zaelia Bishop

Pollution and unacceptable fishing practicies are seriously endangering the survival of the giant marine mammals. Whaleless is a project dedicated to anyone wishing to express their indignation, rage, shame, disbelief or concern in an arty way.
Whaleless is on tour in european cities with site specific art exhibitions.

Many thanks to Zoe Lacchei for the photo shooting.