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elegy 66

cover : lostfish
publication : january / february 2011
country : france

Plus qu'une preview cette fois, retrouvez 6 pages d'images et propos autour d'Alice dans le numéro 66 du superbe magazine Elegy, la Reine blanche se dévoile donc sur papier glacé dans vos kiosques :) Merci à la talentueuse Alyz Tale pour cet article!

*** This time, more than a preview, you can find 6 pages of images and words about Alice, in the french magazine Elegy #66, with my fragile White Queen on cover :) Many thanks to the talented artist and writer Alyz Tale for this article!


sky doll decade

comic book
story : Barbucci & Canepa
illustrations : Barbucci & Canepa + hommages by various artists
publication : november 24th 2010
pages : 232
editor : Soleil

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dark inspiration

art book
illustrations : various artists
publication : october 2010
pages : 272
editor : Victionary

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Akino Kondoh, Audrey Kawasaki, Bruno 9li, Chiara Attorre, Dan Hillier, David Ho, Eika, Elizabeth McGrath, Erik Mark Sandberg, Francois Robert, Fuco Ueda, Gary Fernández, Graphic Airlines, Heiko Müller, Hidden Moves, James Jean, Jasper Goodall, Jeff McMillan, Jesse Auersalo, Jim, John Ryan Solis, Jon Beinart, Jules Julien, Justin Nelson, Kate MacDowell, Kazuki Takamatsu, Kris Kuksi, Lala Gallardo, LostFish, Mamzelle Mamath, Mia Mäkilä, Oleg Dou, Olga Feldman, Revenge is Sweet, Richard Colman, Ryan Oliver, Tara McPherson, Tim Lee, Yosuke Ueno, Yuka Yamaguchi, Yury Ustsinau, Zhou Fan

Grotesque illustrations, art and design edited by Victionary

It is not about what is depicted in these works, but the tone set in the interesting collage of elements that inspires and haunts at once. Sophisticated in its impact, dark art narrates beyond the eclectic mix of sources on display. It is sensuous, intriguing and beautiful for the true feelings it conveys and constitute deep heart-searching in artists and a sober view of life.

Indulge yourself in the infinity of darkness in the most evocative lexicons and gloomy motifs brought together by Dark Inspiration, comprising the portfolios of 42 artists, including Kate MacDowell, Audrey Kawasaki, Zhou Fan, Fuco Ueda and Jesse Auersalo from around the world. The collection includes illustrations, sculptures, digital renderings and photography work.


enchanted doll's box

doll box
illustration made in collaboration with doll artist Marina Bychkova for her new doll box collection

Lostfish, Natalia Pierandrei, Enchanted Doll


sky doll - lacrima christi #2

comic book
stories : Barbucci & Canepa
illustrations : various
publication : august 12th 2010
editor : Marvel

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The planet Papathea has two faces: the female Pope Ludovique and Agape. The former is carnal, spectacular and blood-drenched; the latter spiritual, virginal, ethereal and inaccessible. The two sisters were selected from thousands of candidates to represent the complexity and the contradictions of their religion. After the success of their Spaceship Collection, Alessandro Barbucci and Barbara Canepa have invited five other stunningly talented artists to enter into their universe in Lacrima Christi.


doll parts

solo art exhibition
nice/nice - hannover / germany
2010 july 17th to august 21st

featuring: Lostfish

Lostfish's first solo show, a collection of 15 artworks about dolls and doll parts.


dirty show

group art exhibition curated by Jerry Vile
viaduct theatre - chicago / usa
2010 june 25th to 26th
78th street studios - cleveland / usa
2010 july 10th

The mission of The Dirty Show is to promote, publish and propagate erotic art in all forms. This is done in the form of an erotic art exhibition which has become one of the largest in the world. Since it’s inception at the turn of the century, the founders have been entertaining and enlightening the masses with a delightful event called, The Dirty Show. The show features a large number of artists, from first-timers to the famous at their dirtiest. While primarily focusing on area artists, The Dirty Show is open to artists from anywhere in the world, providing the work is good, erotic, they can get it here: Dirty Show


ketos 2.1

group art exhibition curated by Giovanni Cervi
civic aquarium - milan / Italy
2010 april 14th to may 16th

Alessandro Giordani, Alessia Cocca, Andrej Mussa, Angelo Di Dedda, Angie Mason, Anna Turina, Ansgar Noeth, Arianna Carossa, Aurélien Police, Bethany Marchman, Bombo, Boris Eldagsen, Chiara Ambrosio, Chris von Steiner, Ciou, Cliff Wallace, Comoseta, Cristina Pancini, Edoardo Belinci, Elena Rapa, Fabrizio Azzali, Fernanda Veron, Florencia Martinez, Francesco Viscuso, Giulia Cassano, Jennybird, Karin Andersen, Kokomoo, Lee Baker, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Lostfish, Luca Beolchi, Madeline Von Foerster, Marco Cazzato, Marco Puccini, Mimi S, Natalia Saurin, Nicoz Balboa, Pietro Broggini, Ryan Obermeyer, Sarah Geraci, Silvia Meis, Siva, Squp, Stuart Semple, Suzywan, Tamara Ferioli, Wayne Chisnall, Zaelia Bishop, Zoe Lacchei

Pollution and unacceptable fishing practicies are seriously endangering the survival of the giant marine mammals. Whaleless is a project dedicated to anyone wishing to express their indignation, rage, shame, disbelief or concern in an arty way.
Whaleless is on tour in european cities with site specific art exhibitions.


breaking into comics the marvel way! #2

comic book
stories & illustrations : various
publication : march 24th 2010
editor : Marvel

more informations:

writers : Frank Tieri, Kevin Grevioux, Simon Spurrier, Mike Carey, Peter David, Jonathan Hickman

pencillers : Stephen Thompson, Tommasso Bennato, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Jon Ennis, Koi Turnbul

cover : Lost Fish


glass cinder & thorns

group art exhibition curated by April Segedi
323east - royal oak / usa
2010 march 20th to april 15th

Audrey Pongracz, Jessica Dalva, LostFish, Maria Finna, Lisa Petrucci, Rudy Fig, Sandi Calistro, Jaclyn Schanes, Nicole Cummings, Kelly Vivanco, Hidden Eloise, Edith Lebeau, Bee Harris, Jessamyn Patterson, Liza Corbett, Charmaine Olivia, Jeannie Paske, Tina Tourikis & More...

As children our parents would read to us bedtimes stories of little mermaids, sleeping beauties, and little red riding hoods. These innocent stories often had evil lurking beneath the pages. What Disney failed to tell you is that, the mermaid dies, multiple suitors defiled sleeping beauty and the wolf ate grandma.
There are a lot of horrible things in our reality today and we all sometimes wish for a place or time where things are simpler and better. We find ourselves wanting the warmth of our childhood beds, the calming voice of our parents sending us of to sleep with our favorite story. Yet even in fairylands of beauty and glitter, evil things creep about in false glamour’s, such as the evil witch living in the gingerbread house or a beautiful sea nymph singing you into your watery grave.