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group art exhibition curated by Giovanni Cervi in collaboration with Res Pira
fabrica fluxus - bari / italy
2011 june 21st to july 22nd

Angie Mason, Aurélien Police, Alessia Cocca, Bethany Marchman, Bombo, Cesko, Ciou, Cliff Wallace, Comoseta, Elena Rapa, Fernanda Veron, Giada Woodenboxes, Jennibird, Karin Andersen, Kokomoo, Lina Stigsson, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Lostfish, Marco Cazzato, Nicoz Balboa, Mimi’s, Morg, Peggy Van Reeth, Ryan Meyers, Zoe Lacchei

Pollution and unacceptable fishing practicies are seriously endangering the survival of the giant marine mammals. Whaleless is a project dedicated to anyone wishing to express their indignation, rage, shame, disbelief or concern in an arty way.
Whaleless is on tour in european cities with site specific art exhibitions.


nouvelle donne

group art exhibition curated by The Entrepot
obliq - paris / france
2011 june 9th to july 7th

Onde, Monsta, Prunelle, Niark, Jüne, HDK, Plot, Tougui, Lostfish

The collective group THE-ENTREPOT presents its new exhibition « Nouvelle Donne »
The playing cards is the heart of this new artistic show. Ten artists from different universes will re-invent playing cards and show their artworks by making paintings, sculptures, and a giant installation.
With many surprises as: Be Street collector tee-shirts, a free Memory Game and more...

*** Le collectif THE-ENTREPOT vous présente sa nouvelle exposition« Nouvelle Donne »
La carte à jouer sera le pilier de cette nouvelle rencontre artistique. 10 artistes aux univers aussi riches que variés réinterprètent les cartes et exposent leurs créations à travers des tableaux, des sculptures et une installation géante.
Et pour l’occasion nous vous avons préparé de multiples surprises: des tee-shirts collector Be Street, l’application Memory Game en téléchargement gratuit etc...

+ memory game



group art exhibition curated by Thierry Ruby
le cabinet des curieux - paris / france
2011 june 8th to august 27th

H. R. Giger, Benalo, Barbara Canepa, Gilles Berquet, Chloe Disarticulated Doll, Delphyne V, Andy Julia, Pierre Molinier, Jackie Tadéoni, Patrice Hubert, John Santerineross, Beatrice Morabito, Pierre Terrasson , Bastien Lecouffe-Deharme, Alessandro Barbucci, Victor Jaquier, Stéphane Roy,Malgorzata Maj, Molly Crabapple, Akiza, Paul Toupet, Jean-Sébastien Rossbach, John Haley III, Japi Honoo, Trashy Toy, Sorrel Smith, Hans Bellmer, Natalie Shau, Fréderic Fontenoy, Nicolas Senegas, Eric Keller, Lynn Sk, Aaron Hawks, Akihito Ikeda, Alyz, Tim Roosen, Jüne, Lostfish, Eric Martin, Koneko, J.B Monge, Bérénice V, Christian Peter, Matteo de Longis and more...

Move your summer in Paris Underground! 40 international artists show there subversive & captivating, sensual & slashing side at "Le Cabinet Des Curieux" with the UNDERGROUND group show, curated by Thierry Ruby.